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03-24-2006, 02:44 PM
Since the weather today is rotten, the lake in a state of flux, my batterys run down, and my arms aching, plus its a friday and the week end fishermen are arriving to further clutter uo MY fishing areas, I'll do some puter time.If you ever plan on doing a lot of trolling, try this tip, it will help you run minnow baits like the rapallas, and your smaller cranks even deeper than they were meant to fished. First you need a good braided line, 20/6 is the best I have found. Buy a big bag of rubber bands, a couple of bucks woth of sinkers in various weights, and start trolling. I let out about 30 ft of line, loop a rubber band around the line, then add a dropper and sinker, let out as much line as you think you need and start trolling again. When you get a strike, reel in up to the rubber band, snap the rubber band off, dropping the sinker into the boat and haul in your fish. I have used dropper lines up to 6 ft long at times. Its pretty easy and woth a try.