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02-13-2006, 09:44 PM
I have a 1988 stick steer Panfisher by Basstracker. I purchased it new and opted for the bigger 35 HP and the tilt and trim. I have been very happy with this rig but the years have finally caught up with it.

I tore my starter apart the other day and found that I had a broken wire on one of my brushes. This is good news as this is only about a $15 fix. I've had a small crack in my aluminum hull for a couple of seasons now and I am replacing the floor and carpet after I get my hull welded. I have tryed all kinds of epoxies but nothing stays on very long do to the location of the crack. It is about 4 inches in from the side of my boat about where the livewell drains out.

Patches stay on good until I start running on plane in rough water as the water hits the patch dead on and literally blast the patch away.

Also thinking of redesigning the front of boat to make entering and exiting a little easier. Still using an old steel shaft 28 thrust Minn-Kota foot control trolling motor. Had planned on getting a 55 thrust Minn-Kota 12 volt foot control but I suffer from pretty bad knee pain and I am thinking about going with an Auto Pilot from Minn-Kota.

According to my notes the end of February up into early April was very good fishing for me last year so I don't have a lot of time. I got a friend that fishes with me a lot and he is going to give me a lot of help.

I just couldn't stand it Sunday afternoon. I stopped right in the middle of tearing my floor out and grabbed my spinning rod with cork and jig and drove up to a good bank fishing spot where the Corp. releases the warmer water that they have been holding in the duck hunting area. Only caught a few but it felt good to get out. Should have grabbed my coveralls though!