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10-21-2004, 11:36 AM
To quote a local question, "Yin or Yout"? Wished you would come to the teezur tourney. I have would enjoy meeting you in person, so c'mon down.

Ps That is short for you in or are you out? :D

10-21-2004, 12:40 PM
Sounds like somthing Jeff Foxworthy would say.

Watching a baby being born is a little like watching a wet St. Bernard coming in through the cat door.

10-21-2004, 01:09 PM
Now thats funny.

10-21-2004, 02:19 PM
Moose doesn't have time to attend the tournies or get together, he is too busy typing out long thesis like posts.

By the way Moose, I haven't seen many posts about your pet crappie lately. How is sparky the crappie doing?

10-24-2004, 11:52 AM
Actually I am waiting to see how the weather is. I want to fish the tournement but I don't want to freeze my butt off in the process. You never know what the weather will be like in Nov. Most of the time it will still be nice and hopefully we will have an Indian Summer and it won't be below freezing. I just don't have the cold weather and rain proof clothing that I need anymore. I have gotten too big to fit in my overalls and I have not found new one yet. Was planning on losing some weight but I have to start to walk to do that.

But the pet crappie are doing fine. I still have 5 fish in my aquarium. Three of them are crappies. One is about 12" long now and he has grown about a inch or so since Last Oct. I got him in Oct 2003 and he is still doing fine. I still have one black crappie that is doing good also. And I have one smaller White Crappie that is still healthy. I added a small warmouth to the tank and he eats all my minnows. But he is more agressive and fun to watch. In fact it was watching a bunch of warmouths (rockbass) feeding on minnows in a 55 gal aquarium at the bait shop that got me into this aquarium thing. I also added a baby catfish to the mix. He feeds on the dead minnows. The reason I stopped talking about them is that they were not doing anything different. They ate when they got hungry and these days I just put about a dozen or so minnows in their tank and they feed when they need to eat. I am not in the room to watch them most of the time. I check on them in the morning and evenings or when ever I go to that end of the house. They eat the same way they always did. They just inhale a minnow and gulp it down in one fell swoop. They will eat two or three 2" long minnows in a row if they have not been feed for a few days. The only thing that bothers them and stops them from eating is the aquarium lights. They bother the crappie a lot and I normally keep the aquarium lights turned off. The window in the room gathers Northern light and the room across the hall way has a window that gives both rooms some Southern daylight though the window and though the bedroom and though the hallway and into the Northern Bedroom where the crappie are located. I can turn the mini blinds down to stop excessive light.

Bottom line is that I have come to the conclusing that light much more than barrometric pressure is the key to getting the crappie to feed. Bright light bothers the crappie much more than any high pressure or low pressure systems. At least in my aquarium. Fish will eat when they are starving no matter what the air pressure. My fish will feed almost instantly when they have not been feed for a few day and I give them some new minnows. Only when the bright lights are turned on will they hesitate to eat when they are hungry. But I bet that If I left the lights on all the time they would still eat newly introduced minnows if they got hungry enought.

We all know that there are certain times of the day when the crappie are more agressive and easier to catch. We can fish the same good spot at different times of the day and catch crappie sometime and then hit a dry spell where they won't bite. I fell that they feed in the early morning hours when the light is changing from dark to dim sunlight at sunrise and then as the sun comes up they move deeper. After they feed they must be full and then won't eat anymore until they digest their meal. Then they will feed again when they get hungry. They seem to bite again at dusk when the sun's angle is low in the sky. I myself think that is the Changing light conditions that triggers them. The changing light helps hide them and also helps them find the minnows who like to swim about on the surface in the evening hours.

Moose doesn't have time to attend the tournies or get together, he is too busy typing out long thesis like posts.

By the way Moose, I haven't seen many posts about your pet crappie lately. How is sparky the crappie doing?