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02-04-2006, 10:37 AM
anyone have any luck putting a jig trailing behind a small crankbait. i have been reading some on this and it sounds good to me. just tie the jig to the back hook of a small crank and start trolling, the action of the crank bait will give the jig alot of action and will also get it and keep at depth

J White
02-04-2006, 11:06 AM
I keep hearing that too, but haven't had much luck with it - 99 percent
of 'em end up hitting the crankbait anyway, and the leader and jig just
end up causing headaches with tangles - at least for me. But I still try
it sometimes. Have found out, it doesn't take much, either weight or
drag from a bulky trailer, to upset the crankbait's action and affect it's
diving depth. Little changes in balance make a big difference - I go so
far as to change hook sizes to play with the balance, some baits end up
with different size trebles on belly and tail, to make it do what I want.
On some of the biggest ones I use, I put a tiny barrel swivel and extra
split-ring on to extend the back treble - really nails those "nippers"
it allows the hooks enough room to tangle, but it's a trade-off I am willing
to put up with, nothing aggravates me worse than a barely lip-hooked fish
pulling off just as it hits the top of the water and flops;)

02-04-2006, 11:12 AM
thanks for the info ,i plan on setting up a rod or 2 for it just to try something different.i got some small baits that run 3 to 4 feet that i will try when the water warms up and they start to move in to the shallows

02-04-2006, 01:31 PM
I do most of "my" trolling for Hybrid Stripers. I use a crankbait pulling a jig on a leader. I've found that tying the jig/leader onto the "back" hook of the crank, causes the crank to not run correctly or to "spin" or "roll over" - from the drag of the jig. I tie the jig/leader to the "front" hook eye !! The drag of the jig will, then, be more towards the front of the crank - helping keep the bill of the crank digging for depth, and running straight.
I usually pull a Hot-n-Tot with a 1/32-1/16oz hair or marabou jig, trailing on a 12-18" leader. I have used the small HnT, but prefer the larger one. Most of the fish seem to prefer the jig, anyway, so the larger HnT means I can troll deeper (if need be), and it is more stable running with the jig trailer. I mostly catch Hybrid Stripers on this rig ... but, have caught some nice Crappie, too. Oh yeah ...& a few catfish & Bass, on occasion.
One other piece of equipment is needed, and will prove invaluable over time - a lure knocker of some sort !! My leader line is always the next lowest pound test from my main line (ie-8lb main line .. 6lb leader) ... that way, I don't sacrifice much in the way of line test, overall - but, still able to break jig off, without losing crankbait, too. The lure knocker gets the crankbait loose about 90+% of the time, but the jig rarely makes it back more than 30% of the time (depending on what & how bad the crank is hung-up). Lure knockers/retrievers will pay for themselves in a matter of just a few trips, especially when pulling $5 crankbaits around submerged wood :D
I'm no expert on crank/jig trolling - but, these are just some observations I've made from my limited experience. .......... luck2ya ...... cp :cool:

02-04-2006, 02:51 PM
I have done that will some top water baits (not for crappie) with some success. Infact I have had the fish miss the plug and turn around and hit the jig. coooooooooooooooll

02-04-2006, 03:35 PM
why couldnt you use a fly? seems like it would affect the crankbait less.