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Bass seeker
09-19-2010, 07:27 AM
Hi guys,
Mostly lurk but need some advice. I lived in Pa. for years and crappie fished in northwest and southcentral parts of the state as well as western NY, now I'm in NJ which is mostly crappieless, in fish anyway.
I've been thinking about a spring trip and hoped to get some suggestions as to bodies of water and lodging with docks. I'd like to keep it to Virginia, and eastern NC perhaps a bit further. I'd really appreciate some help, thanks very much.
I just returned from a week at Black lake in northern NY near the St Lawrence, lots of smallies, tons of small bluegills but only a few crappie.
Anyway, thanks in advance and if anyone needs any help with southern NJ let me know, not the greatest freshwater fishing destination here here but lots of good saltwater and the stripers are on the way.