View Full Version : Sparrowfoot Truman 7/23

07-23-2010, 03:21 PM
Put in at sparrow this am and as we are arriving I see this big tall crane sitting over above the trees, wondering what was going on, get to the ramp and there is two big cranes, a dozer like thing and a big ole boat and I mean big and all kinds of barge looking things, thinking dam mabye they are lowering the lake and going to put in that water line along 13 hwy....?? wrong we visited with them and they are putting together a large barge to put the big crane on and going up on the deep water side to replace a few power poles, said they had to wait on them funny named birds to finish nesting before they could make a move....there are some nesting on top of the poles... man looked to me like one heck of a big ordeal to put up a few poles, seen at least a half a dozen semi's come in with large timbers on them to walk the crane on..... told them to put them where we could use them for crappie beds, and while they had that clam shell dig us a few extra spots we would fill them in.......:) so if you use this ramp that is what is going on, said they may have to wait for the lake to raise 5' to get to one of the poles.......

07-23-2010, 07:00 PM
Was the water a little rough up there this morning? It sure as heck was down from Bucksaw. Thank godness for having a Champion. Made it tough to fish though. Ran into a member and his buddy at the no wake bouy this morning when I was taking off. I think he said he went by DRslabenstein. Not sure on spelling. Sounded like they had a little run of bad luck on there trip. Flat tires and stuff. He seen my MO decal on my motor and windshield and hollerd at me.