View Full Version : 25 HP Merc

07-21-2010, 12:54 AM
I have a 1994 25 HP Merc that I was told has a cracked ring and would need a new block to make it run again. I am not going to do anything with with, I bought another motor. I have had a new stator, new trigger put on it last month, new water pump and carb rebuilt last summer. The lower unit is good it's electric start and pull, starter works fine. I would take $200.00 for it just to try and recoup some of the money I have sunk into it the last few months and get it out of my shop.

08-15-2010, 05:12 PM
Do you still have the merc.. I have a 96 25 hp that the alternator melted down and took out the trigger and stator with it. i think its the same parts. H