View Full Version : Toledo bend warm weather report

01-02-2006, 10:38 PM
Fished four days on Toledo while staying at Robinson's and every day was different. Friday afternoon (3 hours) I fished my deep honey hole and did well ending up with nearly two gallons of filets. Saturday the bite was a little slower. I managed to get my wife in the boat as the weather was spring like and really didn't fish hard. Ended up with the same two bags but it took more fish as the larger ones seemed to not be where they had been. We quit early for a steak dinner and to get ready for a very impressive fireworks display by one of the guests staying at the lodge.
I could see Fishin_magician's truck still in the parking lot until late Saturday night. Can't wait to hear his report. I'm sure he and Mark Kicked butt.
Sunday everything was off. The first few hours where zip. Mark Robinson and his guests came by and I told him I wasn't doing well at all. He told me where to find some deep fish in a little known spot with no other boat in sight. THANKS Mark! I had 45 by lunch but had to use shinners
to get em to bite.
I came in for lunch and saw the fish Mark's guided guests had and I should have taken a picture. Three buckets full of giant slabs!
I couldn't believe they had caught 'em in shallow water. Mark was excited enough to offer to take me on a quick afternoon trip and I was anxious to get a lesson in January shallow water Crappie fishing. We had a blast. 20 MPH winds, rolling white caps, trolling motor on high, and aggressive slabs. We had a blast! We fished 2 to 4:15 pm had 21 big 'uns that we cleaned and fried for supper. It dosen't get any better!
A special thanks to Mark. Every day he had clients to take fishing and stepped out of the boat and into the kitchen to feed everyone.
Watch Allen Warren outdoors Jan 15-25 (show number 2), for A show featuring Mark and his lodge on OLN, The Mens channel, Sun sports, the Sportsman channel are the ones I can remember. I've already seen the show and its great. Who would believe Allen Warren eats White Bass!
Happy new year to all, Don