View Full Version : Lowrance HDS 8 Question

03-04-2010, 08:31 PM
Bit the bullet, and broke down and purchased one of the HDS 8 units last weekend.I bought an HDS 7 and the lss-1 structure scan about a month ago, and with it all went smooth. I think its going to on the HDS 8 too but its going to require a software upgrade.:mad: I been waiting for weeks to buy one of the fresh units so I wouldnt have to do that, but I guess they about all that way.It was said to have been recieved recently at the bps where I purchased.Alright, my question is this.....

Right now my new unit dont show my lss-1 structure scan option like the hds7 does, even though they have both been connected to the SS unit. Once I download this software upgrade, I am assuming it will show that uption then. I read something on Lowrances site, but sure would feel good to not have to wait till I can get this done to know that my unit is fine.I really like the looks of it and how everything else seems to be working on it. I cant wait to see the new Platinum Navionics card as well and how the lake looks with it.I have the insite now, and just sitting at home with the unit I seen alot of interesting stuff on the map.

I also noticed that you have to run the same software version on both units if you have the two connected to the structure scan.

Thanks GCF. :D