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09-28-2004, 05:49 AM
I appreciate all the information. You really covered it well, from A to Z. You mentioned that you dont do much guiding in the winter, I was just wondering why? Is it because its too cold for most people to go, or do you not do as well that time of year? Winter is my best season for crappie. I have several great fishing lakes not too far from me, some just about 2 to 20 minutes from my house and then some are about a 50 minute drive. Do people mind going a little distance to fish another lake if they are not biting close? My hardest part would be letting everyone else catch the fish, cause even though I like watching people catch them, my blood pumps when I'm setting the hook, lol. I'll take all your information and see if things work out for me to do it next year. Have Fatboy pick up one of those brochures for me and you can email me at nissantitan04@yahoo.com Take care

Jerry Blake
09-28-2004, 06:53 AM
Hey Seeker,

My busiest time is during the summer when most people take their vacations even though that's not always the best time of year to fish. I start getting busy by the end of March and through April with people that have kids on Spring Break.

Crappie fishing is great in the winter. Once they settle in on the deep brush piles we catch a lot of nice ones. Problem is a lot of people don't think they can take the cold weather. It doesn't get that cold here and we usually have very little wind in the winter. I'm real flexible on letting people reschedule if the weather is too nasty on the day they are supposed to go.

One of the lakes I guide on - Lake Greeson - is about 45 miles from Hot Springs where most of my clients stay. Most of the time if I tell them the bite is better on Greeson they will choose to make the drive. We usually meet at a convenience store near my house and they either follow me or ride with me.

It's good to have a couple lakes to choose from because the crappie will sure get finicky at times and be better one place or the other. I have three other reservoirs within 30 minutes but I don't guide on them because I don't have established brushpiles to fish.

It will take some getting used to watching everyone else catch fish while your working but I really enjoy it. I usually try to get a little competition going on the boat but only between my clients – not with me if I’m fishing.

I get a lot of people that haven’t fished much and really don’t think they can catch anything so when they do its very rewarding – for them and me. I hear, “That’s the FIRST fish I ever caught” or “That’s the BIGGEST fish I ever caught” pretty often. My favorite is, “That’s not a crappie – crappie don’t get that BIG!” I've had kids as young as three and and folks up in their eighties reel in fish.

My goal on each trip is for everyone to catch fish and have a great time, want to come back and tell their friends and family about it so they will want to come too.

I don’t expect them to have a “Once in a Lifetime Experience” I want them to keep fishing with me the rest of their lives. Repeat clients are a lot easier to book and to take fishing.

I’ll email you my flier and rack card. They should open up in “Word”.

09-28-2004, 06:50 PM
Seeker , that is why i told you the other day that Jerry is one of the best guys you will ever meet. I wouldn't have met him without this board and i listen to everything he has to say because he doesn't mind helping other folks.