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da new guy
01-13-2010, 02:07 PM
I am trying to get into the crappie fishing so that I can spend more time with my father, he loves to fish for crappie the most. Anyway I am looking to get a good setup that won't break the bank but will last me for a while and I won't want to upgrade in a year. If anyone could give suggestions on a pole, reel and line I would greatly appreciate it... Also if anyone could give me a good starting place to look for the rod and reel it would be nice also...

PS. this will be used mainly for jigging or with minnows and a bobber.

thanks in advance and I really like this forum, there is a lot of good info on these boards

01-13-2010, 02:30 PM
Welcome from Missouri. I use a 10' ozark rod with 6lb stren hi vis gold for vertical jigging timber. I just have a cheap real on it cause I dont really use the real for nothing but holding line.

01-13-2010, 02:43 PM
I use a 5' 6" Berkley Cherrywood and a Mitchell Avocate ultra light set up with 4 lb. test.Or a 5' Ugley Stik with a Finor Lite 6 lb. test spinning set up for dock shooting,or a 8' Ugley Stik with a baitcaster for everything else.Hard to pick just one.Depends on where you are fishing and what kind of water,let it be docks,timber,open water.I think that you need at least 2 different set ups.

rocket rich
01-13-2010, 04:41 PM
10 foot B&m crappie master with guides is my favorite and a DFR1 reel from grizzly jig cheap real $10.00 Rod about $25-35 it will handle most of your jiggin

01-13-2010, 04:44 PM
I would look into bnm poles I use the pro staff trolling rods and a 8ft would be a good one for jigging.And look into vicious pan fish line very strong line I shoot a lot of docks and it holds up great.As for reels go with a mid grade reel gandermountain and bass pro make good store brand reels.

01-13-2010, 04:45 PM
Call the boys at Grizzly. They may still have some of the 12' lightweight BM poles on sale.


01-27-2010, 02:18 PM
If you're pretty new to fishing and want an entry level setup, I would recommend this:

For jigs or minnows, I would use the same exact combo and get two of em: Ugly Stik casting rods in 5 1/2'-7' depending on your preference, and pair them with Zebco 33's.
This is a classic combo that lots of "old salts" still prefer after fishing for 50+ years. If you look around a little, you can probably find them sold as a combo and not have to purchase them seperately. You can't hardly break an Ugly Stik, and the 33 should function with minimal care and upkeep for many, many years.
Hope this helps. Tight lines!

01-27-2010, 02:50 PM
8'2 outlaw with a mitchell silver 2 reel with sufix hi vis 6lb...the set up with cost you around $70-80...you can get what you need from

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01-28-2010, 09:44 AM
... I'll let you decide on brand, as that's pretty much a personal preference kind of thing. But, if you're going to be jigging & minnow fishing, I'd go with something in the range of no less than a 8ft spinning rod. Something in the IM6 catagory, & graphite.
The reel should probably be something in the 1000 or 1500 series size range. You probably won't want a smaller (UL) reel, because the line pickup rate would be very small, causing you to have to crank the handle quite a bit ... just to retrieve a short distance of line.

You could also consider what length rods & type of reels that your Father uses ... and get like him :p ("Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery")

Line could be any of a multitude of choices ... but, for the types of fishing you mentioned, and the water clarities you're most likely to encounter .... I'd probably go with 4-6lb mono in clear or clear/blu. BPS Excel mono is very inexpensive and is a decent all around line.

... cp :cool: