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11-21-2005, 11:59 AM
Hey, I just thought I would start a thread about winter crappie fishing in ky. I have not crappie fished a whole lot in the winter because I usually focus my efforts on SM Bass, but this winter i am going to crappie fish more. My main crappie lake is Taylorsville. What do crappie usually do in the winter time? What patterns usually produce the best? Thanks and good fishing

11-21-2005, 11:23 PM
I can't add too much to this thread ... but, I will say this -

I've fished from the bank at T-ville, on several occasions during the Winter months. It's usually been during a "warming trend" ... air temps getting into the high 40's or so, for a few days running. Stood on a deep bank and cast tube jigs over a large blowdown tree, that stuck out into about 20+ ft of water (Settlers Trace area). I've caught them doing this ... anywhere from 4ft deep & right close to the bank, but in the thickest part of the tree --- to around 8ft deep & suspended out over the main branches of the tree.
As long as you can get in & out of the ramp ... and the lake hasn't frozen up much ... I think you could still catch some fish. I've even seen people breaking thru the ice, with their boats :eek: ... but, I don't know if they had any success or not, catching any fish.
One thing I can tell you about T-ville ... if you wait until late April or early May, to start your Spring Crappie fishing there ... you've missed a couple of weeks of decent fishing :rolleyes: Provided, of course, that there has been some warming periods in March ... and no heavy rains. My "best to date" catch from T-ville, came in early April ... shallow water (<5ft) around a very small snag/root wad -- limit of 15 keepers that weighed 10lbs (3/4lb avrg). And that was quite a few years ago. There are some good sized fish in there, you just have to fish it often - find their hidey holes - and fish slow. ........ luck2ya .....cp :cool:

11-22-2005, 08:03 AM
Thanks CrappiePappie..... I have just recently caught the crappie itch. I have been bass fishing forever, but I can't and will not eat a bass. They are to much of a resource to me. I love fresh though, and nothing beats a good mess of crappie. I have been fishing Taylorsville alot this fall, and I am pleasantly surprised with my results. In the past, I would usually only crappie fish there in late April or early May. I would usually catch my limit fairly easy, but the fish were paper thin. Now, it seems like the quality of fish I am catching there is alot better. It is no Kentucky Lake, but I think alot of people would be surprised at the quality of the crappie that are there.

11-22-2005, 11:32 AM
I've fished Taylorsville Lake, since it opened ... back when you could catch a 4lb/14in LMB and had to put it back in 'cause it was "too small" ... LOL!! The Crappie there have come a long way, in recent years. I, too, used to catch them "paper thin" Crappie ... but, nowadays they are getting to be of a decent eating size. And the Black Crappie are becoming more numerous there, too.
I started out Crappie fishing, as a youngster, fishing with my Grandparents at Herrington Lake. Switched over to mostly Bass fishing thru my 20's & 30's, but still managed a Crappie fishing trip or two (to Barkley/KY Lake or Tn lakes) most every year. Nowadays, I'm pretty much 95% Crappie angler and 5% after LM Bass/SM Bass/White Bass/Hybrid Stripers :D
Keep us posted on your trips there ... we'd love to hear how you do ! .... luck2ya ...cp :cool: