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09-26-2004, 11:01 AM
Kokomo Bob,
Hey hows it goin? I have'nt figured out how to answer you in the private messages yet, I guess that shows how computor literate I am. I need to have my kids show me LOL . They can't even keep their rooms clean but they can work everything on a pc without reading the first sentence of instructions. The salamonie tournament went fantastic! There were 39 particapants and it looked like everyone had nice catches of fish. They weighed the top 10 fish and I ended up with 6lbs. The winner had 6.2lbs. That gave me second place. It's hard to swallow getting beat by .02oz. LOL.
I had big fish for awhile at 12.5 inches (.8 oz ) and a fellow came in towards the end with a big fish at .9 oz. It was pretty close and lots of fun! You mentioned the wind and cold front affecting your bluegill trip, When we first got on the water at 6:00 am there was a light breeze from the northeast . We rigged up for spider rigging to start out with and started hammering nice fish immediatly! About 9:30 or so the wind picked up and changed directions to comming out of the north west and the fish really slowed down. Before the wind change they were so aggressive that we would get two on the same rig several times but after the wind change bites probably averaged 5 minutes apart. Around noon we went to some christmas trees tied to a stump in 12 ft of water and again started getting hit often by nice fish. My partner did'nt have any crappie in the freezer so he kept both our limits and cleaned 50 fish from 11''-12 1/2''. We caught 100+ fish in 8 hours and had a ball! I think most other boats were experiencing similar results. We caught nearly all fish on double minnow rigs and a few on tubes . I have'nt quite figured out the correct way to rig tubes for spider rigging yet. Have you ever tried this and if so have you found an effective way of rigging them in this way? I think I was getting alot of hits on them but I just could'nt figure out how to keep my tube properly placed on the hook to catch the fish. I use the rig that Ron Heagy showed me @ http://home.indy.rr.com/teamheagy/ It uses an egg sinker to weigh it down so I don't think you would want to use weighted jigheads on your tubes with this setup. All in all it was a great day and I can't wait to get out there again! It really gets in blood does'nt it? I wish you good luck on your next trip out and God bless....................treepotato

Kokomo Bob
09-26-2004, 06:01 PM
Hey tp, sounds like you are one heck of a crappie fisherman. I wish we could have been up there for this. I think it would have really been an education for us. On the tubes if you are talking about keeping them on the hooks, a lot of the guys are gluing them on. Other than that I can't think of anything different. About the only time we use tubes is in the spring when they are really hitting. I just can't seem to catch them on jigs when they get a little harder to catch. I would say 90 percent of the time we use minnows. But I know some people who hardly ever use minnows. This summer was probably the exception, as we have never seen crappie so aggresive in past summers as they have been this year. This summer has been better than a lot of spring fishing for us, and I know you also were tearing them up. Yes, it really does get in your blood. Especially when the crappie starts outsmarting the guy that's trying to catch him. Thanks for the report. Hope to see you on the lake soon.

Patrick Vowell
09-26-2004, 07:51 PM
Didn't know about tourney... Let me know some info. ... I know a couple of guys who would get in them . me included with my son if we knew more about them.. Send me a phone # to this e-mail address : thevowells@aol.com

09-26-2004, 09:11 PM
Hi Patrick,
The salamonie tournament is put on every month or so by a local bait store. (Peace Pipe bait & tackle) He only charges $2.00 to enter and $5.00 if you wish to enter the big fish contest. I have only participated twice and have been very pleased with it both times. I love the way he keeps it simple and does'nt charge much so everyone can enter. I think he is done with the crappie tournaments this year due to the salamonie winter draw down is scheduled to begin Oct. 15th , However he was talking yesterday about having a catfish tournament on Sat. Oct.23rd. The salamonie has great cat fishing and that should be fun too but as my name indicates I will probably be sitting in a tree bowhunting on the 23rd so I will probably have to skip this one. I am planning on approaching him about a crappie tournament through the ice this winter which I think would go well due to the large numbers of people who icefish the salamonie plus the increasing size of the fish this summer should make for some incredible ice fishing this winter. Do you fish the salamonie much? If so have you had any good experiences with it? It is a great body of water and I think Kokomo Bob will agree with me that it has been better this year than it has for a long time. I apologise for neglecting to report much about this tournament before hand but I had'nt seen much talk about the salamonie here and just figured most people on here lived too far away to be interested. Besides I know most people here are expert fishermen and I did'nt want too much competetion.LOL Not really, I have to be honest and admit that it is because of all of you that I have the love in my heart for crappie fishing that I do. There is so much great info in here that I can't say how much I appreciate stumbling on to this site! I will post anything I find out about future crappie tournaments here on the salamonie as soon as I find out about them. Good fishing to you !..............In Him .......treepotato

Patrick Vowell
09-27-2004, 04:11 PM
hey hey,

Yea let me know. I had a buddy that was fishing salamonie sunday and he said it is a good thing he wasn' t in it.. He caught 2 fish at 15" , 1 at 14" 10 at 12" and the rest were 10's and 11's. It has been a great year on that lake. We usually catch at least one if not several fish over a pound when we go up.
Winter tourneys wouldn't be a bad idea. I know two guys that would do it. I would if it was on the weekends. talk at ya later. Patrick