View Full Version : Bingo- Grizzly reels

Eager Beaver
11-12-2005, 12:39 PM
Bingo where did you get the Grizzly reel from. I have 2 1750 models and are looking for some more of them. They match up perfectly on my 5 ft UL Cherrywood from berkely.

11-12-2005, 06:58 PM
I went over to Grizzly jigs in Missouri. Here is the site.


Ask for Louie. I bought the Outlaw rod and i told Louie i wanted something light for a reel. Cheap was better for me also on the reel, as i am not going to be casting the 10' rod. He showed me a reel and it was like $8.95 and is a Grizzly Elite G100. I bet he has the ones you are looking for and i would call him and ask. I went over to stock up on jigs and when i picked up that Outlaw rod i was hooked and i like this little light weight reel also. It's alot like my Bucks reel on my B&M rod.