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12-06-2009, 01:08 AM
This is the first of four Ice Fishing events scheduled in Indiana this year.

NE Indiana Shanty Shootout Event #1 - 01/02/2010

Food for Homeless Veterans and Families of Indiana

Please bring whatever canned or other non-perishable food items you can spare for donations to HVAF. See their website at http://hvaf.org Here's a thread started last year by Chuck Haenlein, of HVAF in response to last years Shooout: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Indiana_Fishin/...?showtopic=1691


Registration starts at 6:30am at the American Legion in Rome City, IN. Anglers will be released to fish at 7am.


611 Kelly St. Ext.
PO Box 673
Rome City, IN 46784

Where you can fish

Featured Lakes: Sylvan, Adams, Waldron, Indian Lakes Chain, and the Oliver Chain.

***Because the vote was so close we will open this up to the Tippy Headwaters. And since it's open to Tippy HW, we'll open it to any public water you're willing to drive to in Northeastern Indiana.

Weigh-in and eat chili

4:15pm back at the American Legion in Rome City. We will ask for a $1 donation at check-in for those that plan on eating. There will be a big pot of chili, which is nice when you've just come off the ice from a full day of fishing! We'll try to provide some soft drinks, but there's a bar at the Legion if you'd like another type of drink and you're over 21.

The Rules

(1) This is an open tournament and everyone is welcome. There is no site affiliation required or picking of a team involved. We're fishing on an individual basis.

(2) All anglers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

(3) All anglers must register and sign a waiver of liability.

(4) All Indiana fishing laws and regulations apply.

Entry and Categories

It will be a flat $5 to fish in the event This is for entry into the Shootout Series, and enters you into the points race for SHOOTOUT CHAMP 2010.

The side pots will be an additional $5 each. $15 will enter you into all 5 categories. (ex. $5 entry + $15 for all 5 categories = $20 total cost) The placings will be according to fish length. The entire series will be 100% payout, outside of any shelter expenses, of which there aren't likely to be any. The categories are as follows:

1.Bluegill/Redear/Sunfish (8 inch minimum)

2.Crappie (8 inch minimum)

3.Perch (8 inch minimum)

4.Walleye (14 inch minimum)

5.Lunker Pot (20 inch minimum. Qualifying species-- Catfish, Pike, Bass) Only pays out 1 place.

Any places that are not paid out are divided amongst the categories and carried forward to be paid out at the next shootout event.

Points Scoring:

Points are scored according to the placings in the various categories. Lunker pot winner takes 2nd place points. 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 7 points, 3rd place = 5 points, 4th place = 3 points, 5th place = 1 point. (Example- if icedogg has the 1st and 2nd place perch, and the 2nd place walleye, he has 24 points. If I have the 5th place walleye, the 2nd place crappie, and the 1st place bluegill, I have 18 points.)


In the event that two fish tie for length for placing by two separate anglers then the tie shall be broken by weight. In the event that the fish for placing are the exact same length and weight then the points shall be halved. All other potential tie breakers(the list is endless) can be handled at the event by a vote among the participants.

Catch and Release

We are promoting catch and release this series, so if anyone wants to release a big fish they catch, we will accept a pic at weigh-in with the fish on top of a measuring tape, with a control sign that we will pass out to every participant at check-in. The control sign will change with each event. Don't forget your tape measurer!!

***Anyone practicing catch and release will forfeit any tie-breaking ability.

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will we have ice by then?:mad:

01-03-2010, 08:20 PM
We had plenty of ice!! 5"+ on Sylvan. 43 anglers tried their luck and with a tough bite, several brought in fish and took home some cash. Lots of canned goods donated for the Homeless Vets. Great food, good friendships made, and a lot of fun.

I will post the information for the Second of Four Indiana Shanty Shoout IF Events in a new thread. The second event will be held at Summit/Prarrie Creek (New Castle & Muncie).