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crappie dog
10-21-2005, 01:45 PM
Howdy ya'll,

Can anyone elaborate on how to troll 2 1/16 oz jigs at about 15-20 feet consecutively? Do I need to add a weight or will that interfere with the action and presentaion? I can troll at about 10 ft just fine but I can't seem to get to that 15-20 ft mark. Get ready fall is almost here and to me it is better than fishing in the spring. Jigs twitchin...............cd

speck chaser
10-21-2005, 01:52 PM
2 1/16 oz jigs trolled at .9 using 4 lb line will get about 10 ft deep
you can add split shot above top jig an get the depth you want about a 1/16 oz sinker will do it .IF you heavier line adjust sinker size find water depth you want
and troll across it till you start to drag adding and removing weight
i have found trolling .9 to 1.0 the best speed for the lake i fish using a gps .

10-21-2005, 07:41 PM
Carry an assortment of water gremlin removeable split shot. Careful application will allow you to change weights as needed to reach your depth. You do not say how much leader you have on the front jig in your tandem, but the split shot should ride a ft or so in front of that jig.

crappie dog
10-21-2005, 08:58 PM
Thanks Guys!! I'll let you know how it turns out. Jigs twitchin..........cd

10-21-2005, 09:36 PM
The perfect way to reach (and maintain) depth control is generally with weight of some form along with varations of speed. Please don`t laugh, I striper fish most of the year, crappie fishing (trolling only) in the summer only. Have a set of downriggers, decided to experiment with Cotton Cordell Super Spot lures, let me tell you it is a killer. 8lb. ball of lead lets you maintain ANY depth at trolling speed. No more guesswok as far as depth. I troll long lines at the same time, but catch at least 45-50 percent on the downriggers. Will work with grubs, flies,minnows, lures, any thing you want to pull. In my opinion, the most overlooked,but one of the most effective methods of crappie fishing. Possum1

crappie dog
10-22-2005, 06:45 PM
Interesting thought! My only problem is I don't have any downriggers, and I think 8lbs of weight on my 14ft BPS trolling rods would be disastrous! LOL Seriously, I get your point and think I'll try adding the weight. Jigs twitchin......cd

Pomoxis 2
10-22-2005, 08:43 PM
Have a set of downriggers... No more guesswok as far as depth. ...catch at least 45-50 percent on the downriggers. In my opinion, the most overlooked, but one of the most effective methods of crappie fishing. Possum1

Yea, downriggers. I got my Cannon Mag 10 electric 14 years ago for TROUT in a deep lake. I caught very, very, very many and really like it. My big surprise came one day on a new lake trolling a small spoon 35 ft down in 45 ft water in the middle of the lake. Just feeling around really, then RELEASE! The great surprise was the 11 inch CRAPPIE! I got 2 more doing that. I don't use it much in my Crappie lake because most of the time I'm casting jigs in 10 ft of water or less, towards structure, but I hear of other people getting big ones with a d'rigger. But they are not looking for them, they want hybrid stripers.

One way for getting more depth with a regular setup is to use a "keel sinker". That is one of those sinkers that has a "bead chain" in front of and behind it. Remember that with any add-on trolling weight, it matters how fast you are going. So you can use your speed to change your depth without changing your weight. Slower is deeper. They come with and without a keel. The keel will prevent line twist. I still use them sometimes, even though I have a downrigger and 7 tons of other crap. They come in lots of weights, and for what you want, 1/4 oz will get it done. Split shot are easier, but I think they cause line twist in trolling applications. 1/4 oz split shot are not that common, up here anyway. Just another trick.

10-23-2005, 05:47 AM
When I fish the downriggers for crappie they are running about 16-20 feet deep, 2 Bill Norman Middle N or 300 series Bandit lures on about 150` of 10 lb. test Trilene big game will get me 16-17 feet deep, then the downriggers run 20` deep with Cordell spots on the bottom and grubs,flies,more spots or whatever my thinking can come up with stacked above them at about 14-16`, makes a wicked trolling outfit. No problem with tangles unless a striper or catfish( big catfish love the little Spots at certain times) comes along. If you have a set of down riggers give it a try, you will be surprised. Possum1

Greg Holt
10-23-2005, 06:06 AM
I was wondering if one of you pro`s might help a new member and get me stared to caughing some crappies. I fish in about 25 acre quarry its been stocked with serial fish Crappies, Bluegills,Large mouth bass,Flats and Channel Cats. Bluegill bite is always good and same with bass. But the crappie are a diffient story you might catch one every once in a while. The lake is about 40 feet in some spots overall its around 15 feet. With just a few places that are 2-8 feet. It has a few sunken xmas trees. It has a some mud flats. Water is usally clear to stain. No fishing pressure whats so every. Where would a person should start at it has alot of rock walls that go straight down to 30 feet. Any help would be helpful!??