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09-19-2004, 04:34 PM
Were you off work today? I went to get a new battery today and that means all three are less than a year old now so maybe i am good to go for a bit. I am in on wednesday if you are. I would like to go to Tims if we can, haven't been there in a good while and would like to try a few spots i know of that i haven't been to since late spring and early august or we can go to wherever you want to fish. Hell, you can drive the boat and i will sightsee. Remember, minnows trump jigs anytime. :p

09-19-2004, 04:35 PM
Oh sorry, i forgot to say, i usually go early and fish for a bit, then pressure wash the rest of the day, but if we go, we will make a day out of it as long as the bite cooperates.

09-19-2004, 05:16 PM
Hey Fatboy as far as driving the boat goes, the only boat I ever drove was with a wooden paddle back when I was a kid. I dont know anything about them or even havent ever backed one in the water. Looks like you get to do all the work while I catch fish, hmmm, sounds good to me lol. I will check with the boss about Wednesday, I think I'm good to go early as long as I'm back by 3pm so I can get ready for church. We can go to Tims if you want, I only know just about 3 places to fish there since I have been fishing with someone else. They dont know much about crappie fishing, so I have been spending time on the same few holes with them teaching them a little. A lesson in their own boat,lol. I like that. I have been catching some fish on all three holes though. There is another place I caught some with another guy, but I dont know how to get there by boat, I can tell you where it is and I'm sure you know how to get there. We can go wherever you want Tims or Woods. I will bring my minnow rod, but I dont think I'll need it. It's been a rough weekend at work, I wish I was on the lake, gotta go in tonight and finish up my weekend. I'll check with the other half about Wednesday and I'll let you know something. JIGS,JIGS, JIGS keeps my line a tickin