View Full Version : Crummy weather; Decent fishing

10-09-2005, 07:37 PM
We headed out to Acton late this morning to see if any crappie were in the mood. Air temp of 51, lowering clouds, BP at 30.0 and slowly rising, light NNE wind, gusting to 12 or so, occasional drizzle. It was unpleasant. Water temp has now dropped into the low 60's.

We boated 22 fish total with the following breakdown:

4 crappie, all 9 inches+
1 small channel cat
1 tiny saugeye
2 longear sunfish
14 bluegill (6 ranging between 7 -81/4")

We kept the crappie and the six larger gills. The cat and one crappie were caught on a drifted minnow. One crappie on a gobie/minnowhead jig and everything else on a Rattlesnake pink/chart tube on a white minnowhead jig (they come rigged that way) tipped with a waxie. We were working the east bank from the old cabin beach to maybe two hundred yards south of there. The jig was cast and retrieved. Water depth was 7 -12 feet.

It was miserable and the heater in the truck felt mighty good when we quit. One the way out we spotted a nice buck standing in the middle of the road. He looked to be about an 8-pointer with about a 22" spread. On the loop road leaving the marina, we saw a doe and her twin fawns.
- Roberta
PS - Forgot to mention that one crappie and one bluegill I cleaned had bites taken out of their tail fins that approximated the size and shape of the 8 and 9 inch saugeyes we've been catching. I'm guessing they're grabbing as the larger fish go by.