View Full Version : White vs Blacks

10-06-2005, 08:16 AM
Here on my main lake we have a 10" min and the last few times I have been out it sure has been hard throwing back some of the black crappie. By the way our lake is on the upswing after some years of very thin small crappie. I measure my crappie with an E-Z Checker, one of those plastic pocket type checker and also have a Golden Rule, and a lot of short blacks will be too wide to even bottom out on the E-Z and I know there is a lot more meat on a 9" black than on a 10" white here on Okatibbee. Sometimes when I'm hungry for a fishfry it sure is hard to throw them back. Wish we could get the limit reduced to 9". Lots of 9" blacks here.

Jerry Blake
10-06-2005, 11:59 AM
Hey Steve:

Our Black Crappie are a lot thicker and taller boddied than our White Crappie too. We don't have any size limit on the lakes I fish but I generally don't keep anything under 10-inches anyway unless it is injured. When they are nice and plump like they are right now I'll put a fat nine and a half inch black in the box if we need a few more fish. They have plenty of meat for some nice fillets.