View Full Version : What an ordeal

08-07-2009, 09:49 PM
I bought a Lowrance 527 on ebay, UPS dropped it wednesday. Installed it yesterday, and I swear I'll think of paying someone to do the next one. Had some stuff to do to the boat before I could mount up and that didn't go fast either. This fat boy is not the contortionist he once was, I'm still sore. But it was worth the trouble. Great unit that works like it's supposed to, once I stumble into the right screen. Learning curve will be long, but not near what the sidefinder folks have to learn. I'm done fishing for this weekend so I'll just have to content myself with reading the manual and watching Toby's dvd another time or two. Tried it out tonite with motorhead and couldn't get the crappie to open their mouths.1 stripe and 2 gill. not much for just over 2 hrs. Barometer high and rising I guess I shouldn't expect much. Good weekend to you all, hope the bite is there when y'all are.
Toby, who was that guy we talked to the other day. Name was Crawfish or something like that. Call me when you get a minute tomorrow.