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09-25-2005, 06:56 PM
What a day! What a tournament!
The weather was great, ( a little on the hot side ) the fish could have cooperated a little more, but the good time had by every one was second to none. I want to thank every one for coming. New friendships were formed and old friendships were reunited.
Ted Todd and his crew did a great job again cooking and serving the food. Donald Barns and Cane Pole supplied all the crappie for the fish fry. And all the sponsors that donated items for this tournament. All total, we had over $8,000 worth of prizes that were given out. Below is a list of every one that donated prizes. We all need to thank these people for their contribution and help making this tournament a huge success. We could not have this FREE tournament with these folks.

TeeZur Jigs, Mansard Island, Williams Guide Service, Brad Whitehead Guide Service, Crappie Wizard Co., Tite-Lok, Dry Hands Minnow Bucket, Kent Driscoll Conagra Foods, Master Muffler, CrappieStuff.com, Tim Huffman, MidWest Crappie, Crappie Unlimited, Bill Clay, J&J Habitat, 5 Seasons Bait & Tackle, Oh-No Hang Fish Attractors, Hummingbird, Motor Guide, X-Tools, Jerry Culberson, Uncle Jack Worm Slicers, Grubco Bait, Minn-Kota, Hydroglow, B&M Poles, Victory Lane, Tower Sport Center, Elliott Outdoors, Kountry Style Fish Breading, Blakemore, Cane Pole, Donald Barns, TBS Outdoors, Keelshield, Kentucky Hydrografx, Shakespear, Berkley, Southern Pro, and Holtgrewe Screenprint. There are some others that I did not get their names wrote down.

We had 45 boats that weighed in and several boats that did not weigh in. Below is a list of every one that weighed in and their weights.

Max Gore Mike Smith 8.77
Crabtree Isbell 8.41
Larry Elliott Wayne Whitell 8.11
Jackie and Rick Thompson 7.97
John Eubanks Shane Moore 7.82
Cliff Edwards Jerry Trimble 7.65
Terry Whaley Jerry Culberson 7.34
Toney Hames Tim Aires 7.08
Ben Blakely Steve Ferguson 7.00
Jim and Barbara Reedy 6.97
Ronald Taylor Chuck Blazer 6.68
Paul and Vonna Pauls 6.57 BIG FISH 1.95
Sammy Tidwell Danny Todd 6.56
Mark Arnold Clint Fugua 6.42
Julie and Ronnie Keel 6.35
Ed Poe Kenny Colson 6.28
Henry Kuiper TJ Petty 6.28
Steve Mohon Taylor Badgett 6.24
Cliff Powers 6.22
Norm Haggi Al Ellaman 5.97
Clint Foust David Pinkerton 5.90
Phillip Coker Brent Smith 5.90
John Quinn Terry Elliott 5.75
Tom Bruner Josh Powell 5.62
Donald Barns Paul&Kirk Hottgrewe 5.41
Coffman, Barker, Thompson 5.17
Glen Floyd Mike&Glen Ward 4.54
Ralph Jenny DeBoor 4.29
Todd Mulder Dee McClumurray 3.26
Don Webb 2.81
Paul Harnes Roger Esiell 2.80
Fred and Mike Minton 2.29
Risner Cheeseman Jukes 2.28
Bennett & Bennett 2.18
Chris Scott Dwight Fry 1.93
Mark Morris Corby 1.80
Allen Carter Williams Carter 1.32
Bill Braswell Tom Cuton 1.32
Angie and Jerry Gray 1.30
Fatboy Cane Pole 1.28
Gary and Bonnie Perkinson 1.27
Bill Clayton 1.17
Jim and Phil Russell 1.05
Russell and Jackie Miles 0.88
Jim Fraley Roy Elliott 0.73

Congratulations to the winners. It was tuff fishing and the keepers were hard to come by. Vonna Pauls caught the big fish at 1.95 pounds. Great job girl!!
Let us all remember the reason we were all here. To remember David Summers. A man that loved us all and tried to help every one he could. His life was cut short by cancer, but his memory will live on for ever.
God Bless and that you all for making this a day we will never forget.

09-25-2005, 07:11 PM
Thank you Richard. Mrs Ribit is proud of her TeeZur t-shirt called her sister in Fla. and told her all about it. lol

09-26-2005, 06:58 AM
I forgot to post the winners of the trolling motor raffle.
Tim Huffman won the Minn-Kota trolling motor and Cane Pole won the MotorGuide trolling motor.

frank lawhead
09-26-2005, 08:02 AM
Did,nt Fish But I Sure Enjoyed The Weekend
It Was Great Meeting The People That We Talk To
Richard--- You Put A Lot Of Work Into Making The T.t. What It Is
Any Body That Could Make It To The Tour. Should Go---your Missing Out On A Great Time
Thanks Again For The Great Time


09-26-2005, 09:17 AM
Just wanted to tell you Richard, job well done. The tourney was great and we had a good time.

09-26-2005, 10:04 AM
Ditto on Bandit's last post!! Thanks Richard for all the hard work and time you put in to make this Tourney GREAT!! I never had the chance to meet David Summers but I'm sure he'd be proud. Thanks again to all the Sponsors as well!!!

CohuttaCrappie aka Chris Scott

09-26-2005, 11:50 AM
It was my pleasure guy's. It's not very often that a lot of people can come together for a free fishing tournament with very few rules and lots of stuff given away to every one. But that's how David Summers was when he was a live. And that's how we can keep his memory a live. Glad every one enjoyed the good time.

09-26-2005, 04:03 PM
Had a bad of fishing but a good time at the tournament.Enjoyed meeting you,looking forward to next year.

get d net roybuoy

Tim The Lippa Rippa Mon
10-07-2005, 06:05 AM
I am gonna BUMP this, and several other threads back to the top. Everyone, stop exchanging barbs, and insults and get back on what we all hope to come to this board for. Thank you for your cooperation!

<,"}/>{ Tim Fahrenkrog

10-07-2005, 06:09 AM
I agree.

10-07-2005, 02:14 PM
Will this be held about the same time next year? If so I hope to make it next year.