View Full Version : Boat Trailer Wheel Seals!

07-12-2009, 02:33 PM
Well We Purchased Our Lowes Boat New In March 2008. And I Have Been Very Good About Putting Grease Into The Wheel Bearings With A Grease Gun. Well Today I Got The Next Door Neighbor To Pull The Hubs Off And Pack The Wheel Bearings! One Wheel Seal Was Throwing Grease Into The Brakes And The Other One Was About To Start Doing It. Both Wheel Seals Were In Bad Condition! After Seeing What I Did Today I Am Going To Start Scheduling Packing Of The Wheel Bearings Twice A Year! A Grease Gun Isn't Enough To Keep Things Going! Neighbor Works For U-haul And He Said It Was Just Poor Quaility Wheel Seals Nothing That I Had Done Wrong. He Said He Had Seen It On Alot Of U-haul Trailers!