View Full Version : Mustad & Eagle Claw Hooks for trade

07-01-2009, 09:27 AM
I've stopped making spinnerbaits and buzz baits so I have these larger
hooks for sale or trade. They are all new and fit the do-it molds.

Mustad #32755 bronze 3/0 98
Eagle Claw #575 gold 3/0 286
Mustad #32755 gold 4/0 100
Eagle Claw #575 gold 4/0 145
Total hooks 629

Total value about 60 bucks.

Will trade for smaller size Mustad #32755 bronze hooks, any size
Matzuo sickle hooks, jig material, hand tied jigs, rod blanks or
anything else you mau have or will sell outright for $45.00

Please PM me if interested!:)