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09-11-2005, 07:42 PM
Went crappie fishing Saturday morning on T-ville and did ok. We probably caught 60 fish but only 13 keepers (9-1/4" to 12"). A few of them came off bottom in 16 ft of water, but most were caught using minnows and slip floats 7 - 10 ft down over 20+ ft of water. They seemed to be more active in the creeks where shad schools were visible.
The water was in great shape with probably 2 - 3 ft of visibility (my estimate). Surface temp was still 79 - 80. If anyone else made it out let us know how ya did. Take care.


09-17-2005, 03:57 PM
Didn't do as well as you, Greenfish ... but, my partner and I probably boated around 20-25 fish - with 6 nice keepers (9-12"). I'd say 90% of the throwbacks were 8.75" long :D -- that bodes well for next year !!

Most of ours were caught casting to blowdowns that stick out into 15-25ft of water ... but we did catch a few others, Vertical Casting some standing cedars, and around the deep ends of the blowdowns.
We caught them on several different colors ... but, green/char & blue/char seemed to be the most favored. Most of our fish came from around 8-10ft down, and towards the deeper ends of the blowdowns.
We fished from daybreak til around 2PM. Lake looks in good shape - still at Summer Pool, relatively clear and clean (not muddied up from traffic or flooding), and the surface temps seem to have cooled off a bit.

The Crappie I cleaned had Shad remnants in their stomachs ... looked to be about 2 to 2.5" long. Most of our hits were pretty strong - some even jerking the rods down - but most were definite "thumps", and not "tics". Most of the time, the jig was totally inside the fish's mouth.

As the days get a little cooler & shorter, and the nights get chilly & longer ... the Crappie at Taylorsville should really start putting on the feed bag. They seem to have been feeding pretty good, so far this year, as most of our fish (even the throwbacks) were healthy & chunky.

We did not see any schooling jumps activity from the White Bass & Hybrids ... even though the Shad were schooled up and near the surface.

...............cp :cool:

09-19-2005, 06:17 PM
Hey Crappiepappy,
Nice report there. I had a long weekend at work :mad: so no fishing for me. I forgot to mention in my last post that most of our throwbacks were 8.75"+. We probably threw back 5 more that actually measured, but when they get that close I don't chance it. There should be a lot of nice fish next year.
Looking forward to some cooler weather and great fishing. Take care and keep us posted on the fishing.


09-29-2005, 07:06 AM
fished 3 days last week with a little success
water temp at 74 watercolor just right
fished downed trees on main lake
caught fish at 7-10' over 20' of water
caught about 20 fish aday with 6-8 keepers
kinda slow but i think about late next week they should be picking up quite abit

10-01-2005, 07:11 PM
all of my "best spots" combined only gave up 3 small Crappie. They were just not in the mood, I guess. Those that did hit, hit hard & with a purpose (they were hooked deep inside the mouth) ... there just wasn't enough of them in any one spot, to keep me on the spot for very long. Seen a few people catching them on minnows ... but, even the ones they were catching looked to be on the small side.
Water is pretty clear and down about a foot below Summer pool ... and seems to be cooling off. Shad are schooled by size, and I did see a few schools of 2" Shad ... but, all the schools were just milling around (circling in place), and not really going anywhere special. I also noticed that the Brook Silversides were schooled up, in several places that I stopped. They're too small (slim) for my castnet ... but, if I'd have had a longhandled Shad net, I'd have caught me some of those critters !! They'll catch Crappie, when nothing else will !!
T-ville should be in the full Fall swing in a couple of weeks ... but, I'll be in Tenn (hopefully catching some slabs). Keep up the informative posts - I generally don't give up on T-ville until late Nov. (and I've even been known to go during a warming spell, in Dec & Jan :eek: ...LOL!!) ........cp :cool:

10-06-2005, 07:07 AM
Fished T'Ville last Friday without success. Observed the schooling action you described too. Got there before sun up and fished until around 3:00. My buddie caught one crap all day and I only landed one bass. Used minnows on jigs and mini tubes. I think part of my problem was technique, as I am a fairly inexperienced crappie fisherman. I'm learning though. Hope to go back in the next few days armed with better knowledge.