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  1. solid body with open cavity?
  2. Supply's
  3. DO NOT DO thread
  4. easy molds
  5. Types of plastisol
  6. Bobble Belly Crappie Jigs
  7. Diy Tubes
  8. color combinations?
  9. Top Secert Color!
  10. Hello....
  11. Videos?
  12. new bugs
  13. Beetle spin bodies
  14. Trade
  15. Colors?
  16. POP mold
  17. Split tail grubs
  18. swim minnow
  19. Anyone
  20. my ever first pour
  21. Favorite Plastic?
  22. two piece mold question
  23. my molds and new colors
  24. First injections
  25. Looking for a mold
  26. How do you...
  27. Soon to be pouring..but what about glitter?
  28. Bobby Garland Mold
  29. Quick Injection Question
  30. New Bugs New Hooks
  31. grass shrimp
  32. First try with a mold
  33. Some new baits
  34. Tube Jigs
  35. My latest
  36. My stuff for sale in the swap adds. Heads up.
  37. Copyright Question
  38. 1 1/2" or 2" crappie tubes
  39. Crappie Mites
  40. Two color jigs
  41. Bears Service
  42. My first experience pouring
  43. My new jig
  44. 11/16" split tails
  45. a couple more goof off jigs
  46. My jigs paid off
  47. question about bait shapes
  48. Hand Injector Recommendation
  49. Excellent Service from Micro Spoons and Jigs
  50. can you make A mold out of lead
  51. Melting Plastic
  52. My latest originals
  53. new mold pics
  54. curly tail
  55. Resin source
  56. Does Anyone Pour "BIG" Tubes ??
  57. Micros
  58. Need 3-4" Paddle Tail Grubs
  59. molds
  60. my first pour!
  61. scents
  62. colors
  63. Got a Question for you DIY guys
  64. hot pots for plastisols
  65. plastics
  66. good results on my baits!
  67. alunimum molds
  68. How do I make a mold to imitate the grub I have?
  69. 1.5 tubes
  70. Who can name this soft plastic
  71. New Mold
  72. Uncle Buck's Puddle Jumper
  73. my first injections for plastic
  74. tail style
  75. blood line down the middle of my plastic baits
  76. picture of all my plastic baits that we are shooting
  77. How do I get started?
  78. new modes
  79. new plastic skirts
  80. New colors
  81. I would like to see more of your guys plastic baits on here
  82. pouring two colors
  83. new plastic for me
  84. you guys asked for it here is my cutter for plastics
  85. picture of tube skirt
  86. new baits
  87. thank you crappieseeker
  88. Need some help???
  89. some more plastic bodies
  90. New Moderator
  91. a link to how to use hand injected molds
  92. jacobs' baits
  93. eaiser plastic cutter
  94. New Swim Bait
  95. Molds
  96. brand-new plastic take a look
  97. new body design for Stinger
  98. my shop where I pour my plastics
  99. 2 color no cut tail 1.5" tubes
  100. I need help guys
  101. customer service awards
  102. swap on plastics
  103. picture of some fish that we got last night
  104. Tear-dropper jig
  105. Swaps
  106. something brand-new
  107. just messing around today
  108. Cross Breed
  109. pictures of fish from last night
  110. my plastic pics
  111. okay guys here's the plastic bait that I can't those fish on the other night.
  112. Two tone picture tutorial
  113. new color combination
  114. my new swim baits
  115. Strange package in the mail
  116. Plastic advice?
  117. "Life Like" opinions
  118. looking for Twitchy Minnow - 1.75" & 4.75"
  119. a picture of what we are making in plastics
  120. color I am getting next month.
  121. My new mold SWEEEEEET
  122. Hot baits right out of the mold!
  123. will test any that you want me to
  124. Stingers
  125. A few from my pallet
  126. my bait styles
  127. thank you mo
  128. Why do we make stuff?
  129. for anybody that's under the age of 15
  130. Messing around today
  131. about Spike-it colors
  132. glitter
  133. Here it is
  134. new Beaver tail
  135. Messing around with feathers and rubber
  136. Messing around today take a look at my swim bait
  137. A little something different
  138. piddling with colors
  139. testing mo qwack plastic baits
  140. Blue Thunder
  141. taking over jelly jigs from micro spoons
  142. What is it and were can I get more
  143. I failed at my bait test
  144. just messing around this afternoon
  145. Trying Something
  146. My temporary color chart
  147. swim baits
  148. Frre silicone molds
  149. here are all the plastic baits that we are shooting
  150. Beta Fish
  151. injection molds
  152. brand-new plastic bait
  153. if you like that plastic bait you'll like this one also
  154. swim bait
  155. instructions !!
  156. LOOKING for MOUSEE's
  157. Question
  158. Who to buy soft plastic and colorant from?
  159. Jilly jigs that take over from micro spoons
  160. shooting laminates?
  161. please forgive me
  162. Messing around today guys
  163. Jacobs' baits number one
  164. Little Sample!
  165. Okay guys a got a question
  166. Major changes to jelly jig
  167. Okay which one put the Hicks on me
  168. my second pour ever!
  169. Sketch of new jelly jig
  170. my new trout worms performed good!
  171. Okay guys oil paint works in plastics
  172. another pour and 2 new colors!
  173. Okay guys I want to know what your favorite plastic bait is for crappie
  174. last nights results
  175. 2" baby shad
  176. Where would you like to be right now
  177. A few more baits
  178. Trick Worms
  179. Here is the new jelly jig
  180. Dad got caught shooting up in the garage
  181. New colors to the beaver
  182. baby Shad Stinger molds come today
  183. I was wondering if anybody could pour.......
  184. Baby Shad Stinger in acid rain
  185. New jelly jig molds come in today.
  186. Guess who ordered 3 new molds
  187. A glitter tip
  188. more pictures of baby shed stingers
  189. new Jilly jig color
  190. Beetle molds
  191. need to see more new colors with the baby shad ????i
  192. Whooo Weee New Molds In.
  193. Spoon Minnow mold
  194. something for you G3
  195. more Jilly jigs . Take a look meatgetter
  196. Buck down! plastic time
  197. Most advanced plastic designed
  198. Most advanced plastic designed
  199. Shad Jigheads
  200. figured someone would eventually use my idea and make money
  201. okay guys here it is crappie creature with twister tail
  202. New stinger pics
  203. Is it worth it to pour my own lead jigs and weighted hooks?
  204. small plastics?
  205. Messing around with my new plastic bait which we you're calling the scorpion
  206. more spoon lures
  207. okay guys my new plastic baits did the trick today for my brother
  208. One grub caught over 60 fish, different species
  209. about getting started
  210. two new baby stinger sizes
  211. Various aluminum molds for sale
  212. for you crappie . Josh
  213. to the people that may be concerned on our plastic baits
  214. a list of our plastic baits in jigs
  215. for you guys it make plastic baits tricks of the trade
  216. molds for sale
  217. Acrylic artist paint for spots and stripes
  218. we are having problems with baby Shad stingers and three colors
  219. new molds that we received today
  220. Prices for getting started
  221. Color recipes
  222. shad stinger victims
  223. Jelly Jig report
  224. new type of material on jelly jigs
  225. good news on Jacob bait's
  226. look what I did to the baby Shad Stinger
  227. Plastic scent
  228. we will be introducing a new plastic bait
  229. more pictures or jelly jigs for you guys
  230. got some new molds
  231. New mold
  232. for inquiries on our plastic baits
  233. First post bait pic
  234. here is a brand-new plastic bait called the crappie rockets
  235. we have to change the name of crappie rockets CW.Wilson's has the name
  236. okay guys going to give you a couple names to take the place of crappie rockets.
  237. just got my multicavity twister tail mold today 2"
  238. question about plastic lure making
  239. Tubes and a frog
  240. New baits finally
  241. 2 inch shad
  242. Snake River Award
  243. we have picked a new name for new plastic bait
  244. using clothing dye and plastics
  245. Two for one
  246. microwave melting
  247. spoon minnow mold update
  248. Underwater video on You Tube for lure ideas
  249. My first plastic body jig!!!!
  250. More shad colors