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  1. Welcome. Club Info. Meeting location date and time
  2. Good to see a ETCC formed
  3. Club Meeting Reminder
  4. Thank you
  5. Meeting Review July 12th 2014
  6. How you can become a member
  7. E-mail test run
  8. LOCATION CHANGE August meeting time and date.
  9. August 9th meeting.
  10. "ETCC Tournament Schedule"
  11. Anybody need or want a partner
  12. 9/13/2014 Chickamauga Tournament
  13. Thanks again and congrats. Let's hear some feedback guys.
  14. Sept. 13th 2014 ETCC Chickamauga Tournament Results
  15. Tellico Lake Crappie Fishing
  16. Tellico
  17. East TN Crappie Club 2014-2015 Angler Of The Year Points Standing
  18. Motel info for Oct 11th tournament at Tellico Lake
  19. Tellico lake tournament October 11th times.
  20. Tellico Lake Tournament photos & "Thanks"
  21. October 11th Tellico Lake Tournament Results
  22. Gatlinburg in Jan
  23. November 8th Douglas Tournament
  24. Angler of the year points (as of 10-23-2014)
  25. Hotel info for Nov 8th Douglas Tournament
  26. Tournament Results For Nov. 8th Douglas Lake Event
  27. December 13th Cherokee Lake Tournament
  28. Happy Thanksgiving
  29. Angler of the year standings 2014-2015
  30. Cherokee
  31. December 13 Cherokee Lake
  32. December 13th Cherokee Tournament Results
  34. January 10th Douglas Lake Tournament
  35. To all my ETCC bro's and Sis' Merry Christmas
  36. January 10th Douglas Lake Tournament Results
  37. Fishing report tellico and chick
  38. February 7th Tellico Lake Tournament
  39. Angler of the year points standings
  40. February 7th Tellico Lake Tournament Results
  41. Angler of the year point standings
  42. Cherokee?
  43. March 14th Cherokee Lake Tournament Results
  44. Tellico Crappie
  45. douglas
  46. Douglas 3-31
  47. ETCC April 11th Chickamauga Tournament Results
  49. East TN Crappie Club CLASSIC!!!
  50. 2014-2015 ETCC CLASSIC RESULTS
  51. ETCC Meeting Summary August 15, 2015
  52. ETCC 2015-2016 Tournament Schedule
  53. Fort Loudon - Catching everything but crappie?
  54. ETCC Chickamauga Sept 19 Winner Vid
  55. East TN Crappie Club Watts Bar Lake Tournament October 17th
  56. East TN Crappie Club Douglas Lake Tournament Jan 16th
  57. Crankbaits 4 Crappie Seminar
  58. Planer Boards
  59. Douglas Conditions
  60. Good Day on Melton Hill!
  61. Thanks you East tennessee Crappie Club!
  62. ETCC Tourney today on WATTS Bar
  63. How to Join
  64. Crappie for Canines Charity Event - Hosted by East TN Crappie Club
  65. East Tenn Crappie Club meeting
  66. 2016 - 2017 East TN Crappie Club Tournament Schedule
  67. Membership Dues
  68. ETCC Watts Bar Tour. Results 10/15/16
  69. Cherokee Lake Crappie Tournament November 12th
  70. Boys and Girls Club Crappie Tournament May 7, 2017
  71. Crappie Tournament on Tellico Lake - East TN Crappie Club Feb 18th
  72. Sept 16th Tellico Lake Crappie Tournament (Open to the public)
  73. East TN Crappie Club 2017-2018 Schedule
  74. October 21st Ft. Loudon Lake Tournament Results
  75. New to Crappie
  76. Chickamauga Lake Crappie Tournament Nov 18th
  77. Douglas Lake Crappie Tournament Dec 16th
  78. Douglas Lake Tournament Results Dec 16th 2017
  79. Douglas crappie
  80. East TN Crappie Club Watts Bar Results
  81. Boys & Girls Club Charity Tournament
  82. East TN Crappie Club June 23rd Banquet
  83. September 15th Douglas Lake Tournament
  84. Sept 15th 2018 Douglas Lake Results
  85. Oct 20th Tellico Lake Tournament
  86. Oct 20th Tellico Lake Tournament Results
  87. East TN Crappie Club November 17th 2018 Cherokee Lake Tournament
  88. East TN Crappie Club December 15th Chickamauga Lake Tournament
  89. How to become a Member
  90. ETCC Dec 15th Chickamauga Tournament Results
  91. Watts Bar Lake East TN Crappie Club Tournament
  92. Watts Bar Tournament Results 1/19/2019
  93. Ft Loudon Lake Tournament Results Feb 16th
  94. TWRA Seminar & Meeting
  95. Tellico Lake Crappie Tournament