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  1. New forum just for kids and mentoring kids in fishing.
  2. New forum
  3. What are some of your teaching methods?
  4. Fun Sunday
  5. Me and my five year old running jugs
  6. New photo with story contest of the week
  7. Another kid hooked
  8. contest
  9. Time....(pic heavy)
  10. winners
  11. Kids Corner post contest#2
  12. Hello Kids Corner
  13. Caught her First Crappie
  14. Few catch pictures from this year....
  15. Mid- August crappie
  16. Two of my favorite fishing partner .
  17. Another fishing trip
  18. Contest # 2 poll
  19. few pics with my son
  20. Prize Pack received
  21. Few more pics i'd like to share
  22. Marrisa
  23. Losing my new fishing buddy!!!
  24. Kiss'n Bass ay Crappie Camp.
  25. Prize Pack Arrived
  26. Flashlight and tank top
  27. A great Sunday morning!
  28. New fisherman
  29. Kids hauled em in today!
  30. Perhaps some of these threads will help our beginning fishermen
  31. Why should we mentor our youth?
  32. Grandson Ethan
  33. One proud dad
  34. Saturday fishing with my son!
  35. Buying new Crappie Tackle... HELP!!!
  36. Turkey Day Tree Rats
  37. Contest Repost - thread deleted inadvertantly
  38. Glossary
  39. Help them get started!!!
  40. Good websites
  41. state boards
  42. Jig head size for yhe micro frog and crawdads
  43. Keepin' em going
  44. My boys withe their first crappie.
  45. Thought this could help anyone new to fishing
  46. New to crappie fishing...
  47. "Daddy, we finally caught a slab!"
  48. What is long lining?
  49. My sons first bass of the year, and his christmas list
  50. Some questions for the veterans
  51. Wives tales and myths versus truth...
  52. My hillbilly depth finder
  53. I think I'm in love!
  54. New Video - How to Fish Trees or Standing Timber
  55. Where are my South Louisiana podnah's at?
  56. Old Town Lake
  57. Summer Crappie
  58. My little girls First 1
  59. Grandkids first fish of the year
  60. New kids contest
  61. hey folks, new guy here
  62. K-Mart sale in your area?
  63. voting
  64. Train up a child
  65. Thanks to Slab, Nimrod, Mr. Crappie and Bobby Garland
  66. Rippin whisker lips with Jaython
  67. Triple threat guide trip
  68. Time for a new kids contest #2
  69. Summer Crappie Fishing in NE
  70. Where??
  71. What Pole is best suited for used with what Technique ????
  72. My daughter's first bass
  73. How DO I attach a word doc file or post the content of a doc my post???
  74. think crappie fishing might be my favorite type!
  75. Crappie seasonal chart
  76. editing a tread
  77. Livewell or Ice Box?
  78. Tuning your crankbait
  79. BASIC RIGGING pictures
  80. Best Slip Bobber Set Up
  81. Fishing small jigs
  82. new to crappie fishing
  83. Shakespeare Ugly Stik?
  84. Video on making bobber stop knots
  85. rod lenghts
  86. Very new to crappie fishing
  87. jig head
  88. Hey Nimrod
  89. Getting My Grand Niece equipped for summer fun!
  90. long lining for beginners
  91. beginning crappie fishing dont know what lures to buy
  92. Rod help???
  93. Presentation and behavior video
  94. Help needed?
  95. “K.I.S.S. Method” for Buying Tackle
  96. Ice Fishing Help !!!!!!!
  97. Location location location
  98. Geared up and ready!!! (I think.....) please read
  99. Bird's nest after Bird's nest
  100. looking for a crappie rod
  101. probably the same question again?
  102. Technique for season
  103. Thinking of long lining this weekend
  104. What is the preferred rod length and type of reel?
  105. Help a Trollin' Newb Out!
  106. Mentoring post Arkansas forum
  107. Rod and reel are not balanced
  108. Spider rig setup
  109. Looking for advice on double jig rigs for spider rigging.
  110. Canoe Fishing KY lake need help!!
  111. Fishing with my Best Buddy!
  112. Four Crappie Videos
  113. Newbie question.
  114. New To Crappie Fishing Have Located Fish But No Success?
  115. Help me out
  116. HELP Please with DEEP Jiging Tips.
  117. How to post pictures?
  118. Newbie looking for north Florida mentor / club.
  119. Using green magnet light
  120. pinky crappie jigs
  121. First time dock shooting
  122. Only You Can Prevent Bobber Loss
  123. My First Fish Cleaning & Fish Identification
  124. Trolling.
  125. spider rigging help - from kayak
  126. Mounting Driftmasters on Xtreme
  127. Lures..?...
  128. Newbie Question on The Importance of Fishfinders
  129. Summer river tactics?
  130. Is it called trolling or pulling when using planer boards?
  131. ? about no livewell
  132. New Here...Hi...Question
  133. Newbie question for war eagle owners
  134. Baby Shad Vs Baby Shad Swim'R
  135. Small lake/river advice needed
  136. JJ and his dad
  137. Question
  138. telescoping crappie rod guides
  139. rigging 16' telescoping crappiepole
  140. Looking for a little advice
  141. Finding Summer Crappies on Large Flowage
  142. Bait store in Montgomery county md
  143. new rod
  144. When fish stop biting
  145. Dinks vs Slabs
  146. river mentor
  147. Locating the spots on new lakes.
  148. New to crappie fishing
  149. correct etiquette...
  150. Advice and/or Question
  151. Depth vs Temp Gauge
  152. line size
  153. Outlet Bait &Tackle & G3 Boats Raffle #1456 - ends Dec 19th -Simply post a picture...
  154. Safest way to cross another boat's wake?
  155. Sonar question - What am I looking at??
  156. Slip floats?
  157. Longlining/Pulling cranks
  158. Tony the Tiger
  159. Fly Rod, what kind of reel?
  160. Pole or Rod
  161. Crappie Fishing Questions..
  162. Crappie Fishing Techniques?
  163. Brand spankin new to crappie fishing
  164. February/Early Spring Crappie
  165. Newbie Rod Questions???
  166. Just my 2 cents worth
  167. First January fishing for Sac
  168. Trolling and boat control
  169. Spider Rigging - Getting Hung Up?
  170. First Feb. fishing for Sac
  171. pre spawn question
  172. New crappie reel and rods
  173. Crickets
  174. trolling?
  175. If you only had one choice for the rest of your life
  176. Basic Tips
  177. Crappie nibbles
  178. Go to jig color
  179. Bank fishing in cold water
  180. I was just wondering about this and didn't want to tie up the electronics forum
  181. Jig dilemma
  182. Spider rig nets?
  183. Spider Rigs -Variations and different types
  184. First March fishing for Sac.
  185. B & M Jig pole
  186. boats for crappie fishing
  187. Another question about rigs
  188. My gear and techniques
  189. When do you stop and fish
  190. Southern Ohio Crappie
  191. Dinks and water depth
  192. Guidence on finding spawning crappie
  193. forum issues
  194. New to crappie new to site.
  195. fishing around large dock pilings
  196. Horizontal casting jigs (Need Help)
  197. What type of jigs?
  198. High Vis line for a newb
  199. Jig heads and hooks
  200. Can crappie smell?
  201. Blue bird days
  202. Spawn Question
  203. Your choice of Reels?
  204. How to catch crappie after the spawn
  205. I'm struggling to find crappie through all the bluegill
  206. Selling a boat
  207. River Help
  208. Locating and Catching Crappie Advice
  209. Newbie in Central NC
  210. Finding slabs in HOT water???
  211. 2" plastic tube
  212. How to fish points
  213. Bank fishing in Fall season
  214. Trying to learn how to post pic
  215. crappie and smallmouth question
  217. Question : Chartreuse color
  218. Want to catch a SLAB!!!
  219. Is my setup ok?
  220. Spider rigging in rough water?
  221. Where did the crappie go ?????
  222. Trolling speed?
  223. Crappie Ideas
  224. Brand newbie here.
  225. Crappie Seasonal Cycle
  226. Fishing line for fishing with rocket bobber ?
  227. Help...... with Fall Pattern
  228. Newbie Help on Lake Tarpon
  229. Spider-rigs and swivels
  230. Your Favorite Line Stop for Bobbers?
  231. Scents or no scents...that is the question.
  232. Posting Pics
  233. Help with spider rig.
  234. Some Basic Fishing Rig Setups Drawings
  235. Spider rigging reels
  236. Mississippi. River crappie
  237. New lake?
  238. Jacksonville Florida mentor?
  239. Fixing Bobber with Spring?
  240. Which Spinning rod for Docks
  241. shooting docks
  242. Winter Crappie Tips?
  243. Locating structure / fish
  244. winter crappie
  245. Drift Control
  246. onboard battery charger
  247. Guided fishing?
  248. Vertical Jigging Rod
  249. long lining question
  250. Question: bait fish and vegetation