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  1. Will lead sinkers, bullets, shot, and jigs be BANNED??
  2. bam
  3. Stand up for your right to make and use tackle containing lead
  4. Safety when working with lead
  5. Wth?
  6. Reasons why lead should not be banned
  7. What other metals could be used for jigs?
  8. Where we stand with two weeks to go
  9. So what?
  10. Send your letter of opposition through this site
  11. How much will it cost to throw away all your lead?
  12. This has been trown out.
  13. Maybe they will just phase them out?
  14. Water Quality
  15. Here's a note from TJ Stallings on the topic.
  16. Contact your Congressman directly?
  17. Another tackle merchant joins the ban the ban effort
  18. straight from EPA website
  19. Letter Received By My Senator
  20. Two-click comments
  21. Now what happens?
  22. One can use tungsten or bismuth-EPA lead ban
  23. lead ban hits the news
  24. Letter from Senator and Rep
  25. Sept. 24 Federal Register notice
  26. Selected comments submitted to EPA
  27. Why SHOULD lead be banned
  28. Response back from my Senator
  29. Resonse from my Congressman
  30. Now hear this ....
  31. Letter from Mitch McConnel
  32. please send email/letter
  33. Please send email/lette,r please?please
  34. Petition denied!!!!
  35. lead ban