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  1. Long Time Buddies
  2. In memory of "Deaner"
  3. In Memory of "GABulldog"
  4. In memory of "Izzysfishing"
  5. In memory of: "David Summers"
  6. In Memory of "Stripmine1"
  7. In Memory of: Mrs Pixie Fife (Beaglers Wife)
  8. In memory of "Grandma" (CrappieFarmer's)
  9. In Memory of: Good Friend
  10. In Memory Of My Grandfather
  11. In memory of Rusty Leverette
  12. In Memory of Carl Kvam
  13. In Memory of Eugene B. Uhing
  14. In memory of "Big" John Singleton aka "COOL", Jackson-Mississippi
  15. In memory of my Great Uncle "Joe Lee Clough"
  16. In Memory of Roy L. Tucker Sr.
  17. Mr zip's wife Audrey
  18. Osagemo aka Dave
  19. In Memory of my Best Friend: Tim Grubbs
  20. In Memory of "Toots"
  21. With Very Deep Sadness....
  22. Tonite I have a very heavy heart
  23. Craig Marfia
  24. In memory of my favorite fishing buddy
  25. In Memory of Jack Swafford
  26. In Memory of Jack Swafford
  27. Oldwun
  28. In loving memory of my DAD ... the GREATEST fishing partner I've EVER KNOWN!!!!
  29. Loss of man's most devoted fishing buddy - Ol' Scarlet
  30. Lexie Girl fishing Partner
  31. 5 years ago
  32. In memory of Mr. Billy Savage
  33. Take a kid fishing!
  34. In memory of my dad,A.W. Dunlap
  35. My Uncle Pat
  36. In Memory of my son
  37. In memory of my father.
  38. In memory of Katie Hipsher
  39. My pal Ed Ware might have said:
  40. In Memory of my Wife.
  41. In memory of Mike Poling
  42. In memory of my father Fay Ellis Davis
  43. A tribute to my late father.
  44. In memory of "BOB FRAME"
  45. In memory of my father and brother in law
  46. In Memory of William L Williams. My Dad
  47. In Memory of my "Rosebud"
  48. In Memory of my Father Charlie
  49. In Memory of Old Friend and fishing Partner
  50. In memory of my mom on mothers day
  51. In memory of Eddie L. Cook
  52. In Memory of my Brother Larry Beaver
  53. My Dad
  54. Rip Larry ballard
  55. This for those who have passed on during 9/11 and the war on terror
  56. Bob Young, Lure Designer and Fishing Guide Supreme
  57. Bobcats Bait & Tackle
  58. To Dad
  59. in memory of my Brother
  60. In memory of Terrell Ring
  61. 9 years ago today
  62. In memeory of fellow CDC member and friend Nathan Scholtz.
  63. Frank Lawhead
  64. My Dad
  65. My Mom!
  66. Jerry Hamilton
  67. In memory of Robert G. Spare
  68. just like yesterday
  69. Sure do miss Bob #1
  70. You left us too soon Dad
  71. My Dad (Number 1)
  72. Thinking Bash............Missing PanMan.
  73. My Dad
  74. My friend Hank
  75. P.J. Dunnick
  76. Jimmy Swanson
  77. Billy Zane Ring
  78. Mr. Jimmy Row
  79. Mike "Mr Goodtime" Robinson
  80. In memory of Jerry Seaborne "BIGDUDE"
  81. Crappie.com has lost a dear friend, 1Rookie
  82. My dad
  83. My sister Dee
  84. Sneaky Pete
  85. Friend lost
  86. Good day
  87. Sneaky Pete
  88. JD
  89. Miss you dad.
  90. His Name Was O.D. Minton