Wilson Lake as of yesterday

64-66 degrees and dropping,
lake level a little low

The lake right now has 400,000,000,000 bass boats with Cabelas, Cialas, Bass Pro, and every other company painted on the side. The Everstart series tournament is this week and everyone is pre fishing the lake. Man, I counted 17 bass boats running by in less than 15 minutes. Not counting the pleasure boats because it was such a nice day. But, that shouldn't last long.

The past 3-4 trips I have found fish consitantly in 20-30 feet. Either on brushpiles or channel drops. Some of the fish have been very good. Using a variety of rigs. I have seen fish caught on everything from jigs, minnows, to crankbaits. I fished both tuffies and shinners and I caught just as many on either minnow.

Shad are bunched up and are just about everywhere. Thick balls of shad are in every curve and mouth of all the sloughs. Bring a cast net and save money on minnows

I predict the December 10th SACA tournament winning weight of 7 fish to be around 8 or 9 pounds. I think someone should be able to find several 1 1/2 pound fish. These fish are fat and hungry. I don't know how they are even able to eat a tuffie. Their bellies are just packed with shad, like they ate a cueball.

I should be putting together an SACA news letter in the next 3 weeks for November. Will put some pictures and results from the last tournament. Also plan to put the points race up to this point. If anyone has anything to put into the news letter, let me know.