Mary's JUM JUM Crappie Recipe

My sister, who despised the taste of fish, can't get enough of these crappie prepared as follows.
(you will need to purchase box of ZATARAIN'S SEASONED FISH-FRI MIX - CRISPY SOUTHERN  obtained at Wal-Mart's or any grocery store)

   Fillet crappie as regular - cutting in half long ways into finger size width (unless your crappie too small!)

   Mix 1 can of beer with 2 heaping TBLS regular mustard
   Marinade fillets approx. 1/2 hour in mustard&beer
    In plastic bag put some of the Fish-Fri meal - take a few pieces of the crappie from beer/mustard (shake off excess liquid) and shake in mix
    Deep fry until golden brown @350
    After removing from grease immediately sprinkl LIGHTLY w/salt to remove excess grease.
New Port Richey, FL