Ray's Beer Batter Recipe

My fishing Buddy and I often have a shore lunch when we are at the lake..  Sometimes we offer some of the hot golden fillets to others and they always want the recipe - so I carry a few copies of the recipe in my tackle box so I have them when asked for...  The crappies always come out golden brown - crisp and delicious...  It is easy to carry in a Tupperware bowl with a tight lid in my cooler, I mix up the batter at home and even place the fillets in the batter at home using the fish I've caught the day before.  At lunch time all I have to do is light my Coleman stove - heat the Crisco in my iron skillet and in about 5 minutes dinner is served.. I don't care if you use this recipe or not - but a lot of good and easy eating is their for the ones who want to try it.. 

Beer Batter

One cup of flour

One teaspoon salt

One teaspoon paprika

One egg

One/fourth cup cooking oil {Crisco}

One cup beer

It Only Takes a Couple Minutes

Place all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir until smooth. The mixture will be a little thin, you want it to be thin, but not too thin, you want it to stick to the fillets. By adding more flour or beer to get it just right..


The secret is to really dry the fillets. I spread them on paper towels and pat dry. Then use new paper towels and move the fillets to the new towels drying each one. When the fillets are dry I salt them lightly and place in the batter.


I use a quarter of an inch of Crisco or Crisco cooking oil and cook the fish fillets until golden brown. Sometimes I cook the fillets using a deep fat fryer. Either way the fish are very good.


Serve with cold slaw - fresh bread or rolls - maybe baked beans, etc. and enjoy --- !!!



Thanks Ray.