Glen Smith's Crappie Recipe

Try this one!

 Fillet some slab Crappie.

 Salt and pepper to your own liking (lemon pepper & paprika is good). Mop some butter over the meat.

 Roll the fillets in potato flakes.

 Drop them in a deep fryer of peanut oil.

 Fry up to a golden brown.

 Few drops of lemon juice. (Optional, if you don't have lemon pepper.)

If you invite friends or kinfolk over to help you eat this, you may want to ration it. It is so yummy, that people tend to get greedy and take more than their share, thus, leading to a potential brawl!

Side dishes: Corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw, baked potato, pasta salad.

"REMEMBER...It's better to fish than wish. Take a kid fishing today. Teach someone how to fish.

Glen Smith

Heber Springs, Arkansas