Tom.J.s breaded crappies


 12 Crappie fillets
 2C. flour
 2C. Seasoned Bread crumbs
 1 egg
  C milk
 1tsp. Garlic salt
 1tsp. Black pepper
 1tsp sweet paprika
 2C vegetable oil


Put bread crumbs on a plate. On a separate plate put the flour. Add Garlic salt, Pepper, and paprika to the flour and mix together. In a bowl put milk and egg together and mix well. Rinse and dry fillets with paper towels. Take fillets and cover them completely with the flour mixture. Shake off any extra flour from the fillets. Put floured fillets in egg wash covering the whole fillet. Then put them in the breadcrumbs and cover completely shaking off any extra bread crumbs. In a skillet add oil and heat. You want the oil hot. To make sure it hot enough put a little bread crumb in if it bubbles around it its hot enough. Put fillets in and cook until golden brown.

This will normally feed 3 to 4 people. You can increase ingredients for more fillets. My family has loved them for years and I hope yours will to.