FTC Anglers! In just a little over a week since announcing our schedule we have been fortunate enough to land Event Sponsorship for 4 of our regular season events and the Classic! So what does this mean for you guys?? Huge payouts!!! Our goal at FTC is to put money back in our anglers pockets!
We have finalized our payout amounts and 100% of entry fees will be paid back to our anglers. (15% to classic and the remaining 85% is paid back in that event!).

We have some national sponsors that have got on board and we are super stoked and anxious to announce but we must hold tight until they are signed, sealed and delivered! We will have some contingency plans for at least one event and generous merchandise give-away at all events.

We are overwhelmed with excitement and we cannot wait to share with everyone what we have coming down the pipeline. The FTC is geared For the Angler By the Angler and we look forward to earning all of you guys trust and having a great time with everyone while competing for $$$$$ and more valuable BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Who will claim the NC/SC FTC Champion Title in the spring of 2019!!

Just a reminder to visit the site and click on the "Sponsor Wrangler" link. All this money gets paid back to the anglers, so lets work up some sponsors and generate an even larger payout!

Please share this on your page so we can reach anyone that is interested in competing with the FTC!!!!

Keep in mind this is a start up trail and it will take all of our efforts to get this where we want it to be!