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Thread: Missouri Corp lake ?

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    Default Missouri Corp lake ?

    Is it legal to drop brush piles in Corp lakes like Stockton and pomme De terre? I know there's a lot of them out there but I'd like to be able to put my own out in some spots I like to fish. But I'm wondering if I could get in trouble for putting them out?
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    I know in the corps lake I fish in PA I it's a no no. Talked to the lake manager and he said there would be a fine for each object placed in the water. They would consider it as dumping trash. So basic littering. So your talking around $150 for each object you placed in the water. Would love to place piles around the lake it's barren of wood except along the shore line where trees fell into the water or the occasional log that floats away and finally sinks. They are worried that the brush pile will break loose and clog the sluices. Yet they drop pine trees along the shore line each year and call it cover.

    Maybe your manager will be different.

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