• SLABsauce field testing....

    I'll keep this short as possible..

    Went out Thursday for a short trip hoping to catch a small mess for me and the Ms. to eat. Had limited time so went to a spot around a large dock where fish "should" have been. Tossed a 1/16 head with a Mr. Crappie Slabalicious plastic for maybe 30 cast and caught one small crappie. Let a live minnow do it's thing for several minutes and caught one small one. Made eye contact with my new bottles of slab sauce and thought well, let's give it a whirl. After applying, caught 2 nice ones off 3 cast. Few more tosses and put a couple more in the well. Re-applied sauce and caught 3 good keepers back to back. After handling the jig removing fish the bites would taper off but as soon as I re-applied, hook ups were in order. Ended up with 20 total in a short time and kept 15 for our hunger pangs. No giants but good eaters from 9 to 12 inches.

    Used same rod, jighead and plastic the entire time in the same 8ft wide stretch of water. The only variable was the slab sauce. At one point I replaced the plastic with a new one from the bag and had no bites after several cast. Added the sauce and caught fish.

    Who knows if this will work on future trips but I assure you, I'll keep some slab sauce at the ready from now on. Your mileage may vary, but I was there and saw the results. Good product in my opinion.

    Try some:

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    1. primitivefrn's Avatar
      primitivefrn -
      Good report, like
    1. trypman1's Avatar
      trypman1 -
      Well, I think I will try some.
    1. jordanjones's Avatar
      jordanjones -
      thanks for the info
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      sounds like a very sound scientific experiment to me.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Thanks for sharing the SlabSauce report.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      it does work
    1. Javelin 180's Avatar
      Javelin 180 -
      Got my Slab Sauce ordered
    1. Two Dog's Avatar
      Two Dog -
      Amazing, I had similar results two weeks ago. Slow bite, grab the bottle with a squirt applied and picked up six nice fish in an hour with nothing the three hours before. I’m now a believer and ordered two more bottles to be safe!!
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      I hope to try it someday
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ketchn View Post
      I hope to try it someday
      I have a sneaky feeling you'll be getting some in the mail shortly! That's if the USPS don't break the bottles! lol
    1. 27458's Avatar
      27458 -
      Where to buy some?
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Quote Originally Posted by 27458 View Post
      Where to buy some?
      You can get some here: SLABSAUCE Spray on Fish Attractant

      And don't forget the 2018 calendars here: 2018 Calendar
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      It works
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