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03-25-2009, 08:33 PM
At what temp. do they quit spawning?

03-25-2009, 10:19 PM
Don't really know, but I do know that they still have eggs now and will have for a while.


03-26-2009, 09:13 AM
At what temp. do they quit spawning?

... but, I've read enough to determine that most bedding activity "starts" when the water temps reach above the 50deg mark ... peak during the 56-62deg range (depending on species, and depending on temp stability) ... then taper off as the water warms above the 68-70deg range. The timeframe that these water temps are reached, are weather related, and can run from a couple of weeks to nearly a couple of months.
There isn't really a definitive "cutoff" temp, as the temps will fluctuate with weather and water levels. Both species have a "preferred" temp range, and are a few degrees in seperation ... but, optimal conditions are rarely the case, so the fish will try and make the best of the situation they're presented with. Their instinctive reaction to the rising water temps, is genetically engrained to provide the best opportunity to increase the survival of their species ... and any major interruptions in the process, can/will change that tactic to self preservation. Females will retain and absorb any remaining eggs, utilizing the protein for their own survival. Males will continue to guard any remaining eggs/fry, or if there are none ... will abandon the nesting area.

Just MHO, from what I've read and experienced.

... cp :cool:

03-26-2009, 09:23 AM
I read into your question "how long are spring time crappie easy to catch"????

I lived in Houston Tx most of my life. Almost all of my spring time fishing was done between early March and into June for crappie in their spawning grounds. During this time I fished exclusively below the dam of Lake Houston on the San Jacinto river.
Now I live in Little Rock. I found the spawn time for crappie is a little shorter here. But, I can find the bream in spawning areas from late February on up into June. But, I try different lakes during this time for results. Shallow (stained) water versus deep (clear) lakes. Sometimes I can find them spawning again just before Fall.