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03-17-2009, 11:57 PM
Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday, but in my mind more like 38 or so. Well, look, im a wannabe fisherman, I can stretch the truth a little bit!!

Got the opportunity to take my 87 year old parents and my oldest niece (who fishes with me often) fishing today. Every spring my parents will fish together in their boat, trolling, with minnows. They have never gigged fished before today.

What a great day it was, even though I couldn't get them on any of my beds that was producing, we all had a great day. My dad got his first fish on jigs about 3 hours into the trip, and that one and one other throw back was all he caught. My mom only got a few bites, but the first one she felt was priceless (like the commercial says).

Showed Both of em what the tap they looking for was like by having them hold one of my gigging poles and I would tap on the tip with my finger lightly and then to jerk the pole like you breaking the fishes neck.

About a hour or so I hear a OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH NNNNNOOOOOOOOO from the back of the boat, then a bunch of laughter right afterwards as she telling off on herself, she had a bite finally and forgot what to do!!!!!

She got several more bites and no more oh no's, a shame didn't get any fish but she had a blast along with all the rest of us.

The trip ended with my niece catching several throw back but no keepers. My niece and I both give each other a hard time and as I was making fun of her not catching any, she didn't waste any time letting me know that she still caught the biggest fish yesterday while she and I was fishing.

This is the only time I remember wishing I go skunked fishing and the others in my boat caught em all!!

But it was the best birthday present my parents ever gave me.

Even at their age, they are both in excellent health and can do for themselves and nether of em look their age.

Best present I ever got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-18-2009, 12:31 AM
It is always great to spend time with your family on the water!