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  • CrappiePappy's Avatar
    01-31-2018, 07:41 PM
    Simply post a picture of a recent crappie you caught on a Road Runner or post a comment about why you like Road Runner in this thread and you are automatically entered in the raffle. You are allowed a post a day. When the raffle is over, I will pick a random number (via a random number generator) and whose ever post number matches the random...
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  • STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
    02-05-2018, 09:10 AM
    Charlie Brewer Slider contest for February starts today and runs until February 28, 2018 @ 10:PM Just make a post and you will be entered. You are allowed a post a day so be sure to post each day for a better chance to win. When the raffle is over, a random number will be picked (via a random number generator) and who's ever post number...
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  • "G"'s Avatar
    01-26-2018, 08:14 PM
    To enter just post a fishing can enter once per day. Sometime Mar. 10 a winner will be chosen by random number generator. The winner will receive the prize pack shown below. 6 packs of Pico P-Diddlers and 6 packs of Pico Puppys plus a PICO decal. These are some of Pico's new baits for 2018. Good luck everyone and Thanks to...
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  • Barnacle Bill's Avatar
    02-01-2018, 09:19 PM
    Win 20 items selected from the lot shown. To enter just post any comment about fishing. One post per day. As usual winner will be selected by a random number generator. Contest ends Feb 28th at 6PM. Good luck to all.
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  • Slab's Avatar
    02-02-2018, 02:54 PM
    Post a pic or anything fishy. Post a fishing tip, anything fishy will do. You are allowed a post a day. At the end of the raffle, a random winner will be selected. Thank you Arkie Jigs for this wonderful prize pack. 32 ten packs. Yes I said 32 packs of 10 jigs. That's 320 jigs total! You will be set for a long long time. Wow. 16...
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  • Slab's Avatar
    02-01-2018, 03:49 PM
    Post a Funny Picture or Joke to enter this raffle. You can enter once a day. Contest ends Feb 28th 2018 Winner gets some great Off Shore Tackle goodies. Personally, I love these OR38's. And the tadpoles are great for getting your baits deep. Off Shore Tackle makes some great quality fishing gear.
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  • BigRiverMarine's Avatar
    01-23-2018, 08:07 PM
    Nah, just kidding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • canebreaker's Avatar
    01-21-2018, 12:16 PM
    Let's try this, name a food you don't like. If there's a reason add why.
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  • Kansasoutdoorsman's Avatar
    02-06-2018, 08:02 AM
    I know many of you like to shoot Docks but sorry for this post. My parents have a dock on the Little Ni at LOZ and the dock shooters are just getting to be to much for my dad as he gets older. We have had hooks in feet, dog paws and hands. A couple of weeks ago we pick 7 jigs off the dock all the same color and jig head just waiting for a kids...
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  • Gindog's Avatar
    01-25-2018, 07:48 AM
    Would you post a pictures up of your boat. I like ti see what there look like.
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  • mrdux's Avatar
    01-23-2018, 09:48 AM
    There has been a shooting at Marshall County High School. It is 2 miles from my shop. Cops and Air Evac choppers everywhere. Prayers for all involved. 4 victims from early reports with suspect in custody.
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  • BAMA S's Avatar
    02-04-2018, 09:07 AM
    BAMA S started a thread G3 sportsman 200 in Alabama
    So, I've studied boats fer two years now. I've thought about just keeping this riva boat but after having to run 13 mph for an hour in 10-15 mph winds. It's leaving now. I have a club member in cacc that's fishing this boat and loves it. He's coming to Martin next weekend and I'll see his exact layout for spidering. This boat has a little...
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  • BAMA S's Avatar
    01-22-2018, 01:59 AM
    SMH....... I read a lot of post on CDC. Out of all the things that bums me out. The number one thing is people who want s omebody to teach them to use electronics to find brush piles. Hardly ever do they include teach me to build brush piles and locate places to put them. Most elite fishermen I know put out the effort to replenish the habitat....
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  • skinny's Avatar
    01-30-2018, 05:20 PM
    Which one do you guys prefer? 13qt/19qt/30qt
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  • CrappiePro's Avatar
    02-01-2018, 11:13 PM
    Great news Since last August, I have been battling stage three lung cancer, the Doctors have advised me that scans show the chemo has kicked the five tumors butts in my right lung on the battle lines and has destroyed them all. I now move onto small doses of radiation and chemo to mop up the battle field, there are no other signs of cancer in my...
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  • trypman1's Avatar
    01-23-2018, 08:36 PM
    I decided to try whole crappie in my air fryer. It came out very good & crispy. My wife was delighted with the taste and no smell from grease frying. I am still experimenting with the coating. I can't wait to try bluegills. They should be wonderful. Here is recipe- Mix 1 egg wit a little milk for dip. Mix a cup of Shake and Bake chicken mix-...
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  • Slab's Avatar
    01-24-2018, 03:44 AM
    I hope you have a fantastic birthday "G". Thank you for everything you do for us on the site. Take a break and enjoy your day.
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  • bandchaser's Avatar
    02-10-2018, 07:32 PM
    After several months of research, fact gathering, bothering several guys on here about a variety of boats, I finally got down to one model, and I found a deal that I just could not resist. We have a few things to get changed around on the rig, then get it detailed, and I will be picking her up Tuesday afternoon. 2017 Ranger Rt198p with a Mercury...
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  • Jiggin john's Avatar
    02-17-2018, 11:25 AM
    What’s your opinion of this boat?? I know there’s a lot of Tracker haters out there but seems like a lot of boat for the price. I have been thinking of getting one but just not sure of the quality but price sure looks good. Just wanted to see others opinion of this package.
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  • Detailman's Avatar
    01-22-2018, 05:38 PM
    Dorenda has fought with everything she has had to give but the cancer has spread throughout her body. We are taking her home with hospice care to make her time as comfortable as possible. My heart is broken but I know she is in Gods hands and he will take care of her. These are the hardest words I have ever written. Please pray for our families as...
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  • feeshrman's Avatar
    02-17-2018, 08:30 PM
    Heard there was a collision on the Rez today near the hwy 43 bridge. No major injuries but the boats were tore up pretty good. Hope no one on here was involved. Be Careful Folks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  • tenncrappie's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 07:16 AM
    Wildcat, BlackBlueChart, Bubblegum, John Deere and Blue Ice.
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  • Schins's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 03:03 PM
    So I have an item for sale on Craigslist worth about $1000. Got a message from someone who says they'll send me a cashiers check and after it clears he'll arrange for pick up. Ive never dealt with this before on Craigslist. Scammy?
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